Porch Fest is more than just a cool festival with live music. It’s a movement.

Porch Fest Yard.jpg

Come along with us on a musical stroll during Porch Fest in Port Austin and you will find meaning beyond the music. Look around and you will find families pulling their kids around in little red wagons, friends and neighbors out and about town lounging in lawn chairs or sprawled out on blankets, and everyone smiling, laughing or reflecting, as they listen, dance, and experience the magic that only live music can create.

Porch Fest is an event that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to enjoy that which cannot be experienced behind a screen or a boombox (do they even still make those?) Laugh, talk, and catch up with old friends or make new ones. Porch Fest is more than just another festival, it brings us together, creates new experiences and memories to be cherished for a lifetime, and causes us to slow down and enjoy the town and the people we all love so much. This is the true magic behind Porch Fest.

Although Porch Fest is magical, and it is a totally free event for all to attend, unfortunately, the event is not magically free to put on (in a perfect world it would totally be free!) There are many factors that go into making Porch Fest the great success it is. We are able to continue to not only put on this event, but continue to improve one year to the next because of the free will donations, contributions, and sponsorships made by very thoughtful and caring people and businesses like yourself. Thank you for your support with our movement to bring people together with live music and this great event!


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Do you prefer pen & paper?

Write a check out to Greater Port Austin Art and Placemaking Fund with ‘Porch Fest’ in the memo and address it to Brandt Rousseaux, P.O. Box 622, Port Austin, MI 48467. Thank you!