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Marbrisa plays a fusion of traditional latin music and american influences including blues, soul, folk, and jazz. She writes her own music in English and in Spanish, and also does her own interpretations of many traditional Latin tunes that she learned from being a nomadic traveler.

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Olivia Millerschin

I've been performing and touring nationally and internationally for the past 6 years, both solo and opening for other artists including Howie Day, Jeff Daniels, Orla Gartland, and Teddy Geiger. We are from Detroit but I spend tons of time in PA with my family that lives up there!

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Mountain Babies

Mountain Babies are a quartet from the Port Huron area who have just released their junior album "The Cottage, The Creek & The Spirit" which is very inspired by Grindstone City and Port Austin. Their music is an array of instrumentation playing to the familiarity of indie, folk powerhouse Fleet Foxes. It’s earthy, emotional, and natural.

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A Rose Between Two Thorns

Arnie, originally from the UP, and Greg, originally from downstate in Trenton, have performed in numerous bands over the decades, and now they are joining forces here at Porch Fest, uniting their prolific guitar talents and strong vocals in a nice blend of early rock and country sounds.

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The Grands

The Grands is a dulcimer-based acoustic folk trio specializing in traditional string music. This set will consist of old favorites and a number of kids' songs in which participation with rhythm instruments is encouraged. 

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