Silverwood Bottom Boys

Old Time Gospel Music and Hymns

The group was formed when Freddie and Bob met at the old Buick Motor Division. They played beside the free flowing water spring north of Silverwood, Michigan and from there they were featured at the old Garner Barn, retirement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, ice cream socials, Clio Amphitheater, Lapeer Pix Theatre, the Octagon Barn, Frankenmuth Farmers Market, Caro Farmers Market, Churches across the State of Michigan and for 10 years they hosted gospel night at the White Crow conservatory of Music in Saginaw, Michigan.

Group Members:

  • Bob Garner - mandolin

  • Nick Stoddard - saxophone

  • Randy Stoddard - piano

  • David Thompson- bass

  • Freddie Willbanks - guitar