Mountain Babies

Ambient, Psychedelic Folk

"The spell cast by this Port Huron quartet is that of the "quiet close," the music that instills a contented calm, pauses all the white noise and hassle of the otherwise-raging-world-about-you and settles in for a resplendent cascade of chimes, tones and soft harmonies. There's something elemental about it all, like the first deep breath after an inclined climb, when the trees come to a clearing and you see a river, pure, untouched, secret almost... There's also something escapist about it; these tunes are elixirs, daydreams, salves and sweet rejuvenation's." - Jeff Milo (Deep Cutz)

"Mountain Babies’ junior release, The Cottage, The Creek & The Spirit, is an intricate singer/songwriter release with an array of instrumentation playing to the familiarity of indie, folk powerhouse Fleet Foxes. It’s earthy, emotional, and natural. The harmonies haunt you throughout the entire album, while these multi-talented artists coax you into a wooded dreamland. The tracks are reminiscent of an old family folklore passed down through the ages and brought together for the sole purpose of being complimented by these rugged folk melodies." CBS local CW50 Detroit

Group Members:

  • Brandon Leyva - percussion

  • Ethan WIlliamson - Bass Guitar

  • Stefan Nisbett - Guitar and Vocals

  • Dave Peters - Guitar and Vocals