A Rose Between Two Thorns

What happens when you merge Arnie Besonen, lead guitarist with Lighthouse, and Greg Ganz, lead guitarist of the Spring Street Boys, two popular bands here in the upper Thumb, and you have a dynamite pairing of two gentlemen who can make those instruments literally talk and tell stories to stunned listeners. Arnie, originally from the UP, and Greg, originally from downstate in Trenton, have performed in numerous bands over the decades, and now they are joining forces here at Porch Fest, uniting their prolific guitar talents and strong vocals in a nice blend of early rock and country sounds.

As if this were not enough, they will be joined by the inimitable Kris Kuziel, a Port Austin resident who can belt out everything from Patsy Cline to Reba MacIntyre to Aretha Franklin and everybody in between with a powerful voice envied by many, but duplicated by few. A Rose Between Two Thorns is a must-hear for all attendees at the Port Austin Porch Fest.

Arnie Besonen - guitar, banjo, vocals
Greg Ganz - guitar, bass, vocals
Kris Kuziel - vocals

Justin Schnettler2, 2016, 2017_1