Artist Submission

Musicians welcome! Solo or ensemble. The more genres the better. So long as you can perform at a considerate, neighbor-compatible volume suited to your host location, the stage is yours.

Performers agree to: 

  • Radical generosity and good will.

  • Connecting with your porch host in short order after receiving your assignment.

  • Coordinating with your porch host about the logistics of your performance (i.e. space needed, equipment, electricity needs, etc.).

  • Performing only during your assigned time.

  • Playing at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Acoustic levels are ideal but common sense consideration ultimately truiumphs. Think of your venue as the space between the house and the curb and adjust for that.

  • Getting the word out to everyone you know to drop on by.



Apply to play at Porch Fest in Port Austin

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Contact Person
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Ideally, we would like any musicians who wish to play for more than one hour to choose one spot between 1 and 3, and the other spot between 3 and 5. We feel that this would allow more people to see a greater number of our entertainers. Would this work for you?
Facbook, iTunes, reverbnation, bandcamp, etc. Also include any articles you would like us to include on your bio.