Cattail Bay Muskrats Band

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Richard (Ricardo) Roberts - Banjo/& Vocal, Kelly Cainor - Accordian & Chordovox

Both raised in & from Harbor beach, Michigan and both are from families with musical relatives where music was played, taught, shared, & enjoyed with family. Started playing together in parades & other events in early seventies. Both played with other singles & groups in many musical events.


Marbrisa plays a fusion of traditional latin music and american influences including blues, soul, folk, and jazz. She writes her own music in English and in Spanish, and also does her own interpretations of many traditional Latin tunes that she learned from being a nomadic traveler.

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Our forebears settled in Sanilac County in the 1850s and we enjoy history and music and often combine the two. We also like to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Fun is playing a lot of different kinds of music on a lot of different instruments!

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