Cattail Bay Muskrats Band

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Richard (Ricardo) Roberts - Banjo/& Vocal, Kelly Cainor - Accordian & Chordovox

Both raised in & from Harbor beach, Michigan and both are from families with musical relatives where music was played, taught, shared, & enjoyed with family. Started playing together in parades & other events in early seventies. Both played with other singles & groups in many musical events.

Kate Hinote

Kate Hinote is a singer-songwriter performing original material she has co-written for her various projects over the last 10 years. Hinote has a voice that’s both cinematic and operatic, a mood-setting, mellifluous intonation that fits inside candle-lit lounges, late summer night feverdreams, or as a torch song from a surreal soundtrack.

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Lucy's Brown Seville

Lucy’s Brown Seville began writing Motown, Stax Soul inspired blues-infected grooves. Their dynamic blend of old & new school covers weaved with their original songs, provide an eclectic banquet of soulful goodness, bound to sound classic on wax. 

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Tim Vitullo

An accomplished singer, guitarist, & songwriter, Vitullo decided to return home to both Pittsburgh & his blues influences to record Josephine & Assorted Train Songs, his debut studio LP.

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Jonathon Ferris

Jonathon Ferris grew up in the small town of Durand in the shadow of the auto industry, and currently resides in Flint. His music is Americana with industrial complex grit.

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Marbrisa plays a fusion of traditional latin music and american influences including blues, soul, folk, and jazz. She writes her own music in English and in Spanish, and also does her own interpretations of many traditional Latin tunes that she learned from being a nomadic traveler.

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Sami Mei

Sami Mei is a virtuosic singer/songwriter from the Detroit area with expressive vocals, unique arrangement, and retrospective lyrics. She is passionate about writing, recording, and performing, and has appeared at venues such as the Fox Theater and Madison Square Garden.

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Olivia Millerschin

I've been performing and touring nationally and internationally for the past 6 years, both solo and opening for other artists including Howie Day, Jeff Daniels, Orla Gartland, and Teddy Geiger. We are from Detroit but I spend tons of time in PA with my family that lives up there!

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